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I offer unique services for Vancouver Island tourists, and freelance writing services for the tourism industry.

If you’re thinking of visiting BC…

  • Chat with a local. All you need is Skype, and we can chat about the best things to check out in BC. Skype calls are $35 CAD/hour, or $17.50 CAD/half hour. I’m not affiliated with any companies, so you can rest assured that you’re getting the inside scoop of an unbiased local.
  • I’ve also written a travel guide that’s coming out shortly. Stay tuned for the most kick-ass Vancouver Island travel guide you’ll ever read. It’s customized to five types of travellers, including you.

If you’re interested in my freelance writing services, I can help you increase search engine rankings for your company and reach new customers to tell them about the great services you offer. Together, we can improve your content strategies and develop a strong voice for your brand.

Services include:

  • Article Writing
  • Editing
  • Website Content Creation/Refresh
  • French/English Translations
  • Editorial Management
  • Brand Creation/Consulting
  • Short Copy (banners, taglines, email marketing copy)
  • Resume and Cover Letter Writing
  • Product Listings


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