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Having a baby may have deterred most people from travelling back in the day, but it doesn’t seem to stop Millennials. We see travel as one of the many unique opportunities that comes along with a paid parental leave and we’re not afraid to go for it. Read More

Getting from Vancouver to Vancouver Island is easier than you’d think. There are two ways to get here: you can fly, or take the ferry. Flying is the fastest option, as the ferries take at least Read More

The leaves are beginning to fall and the salmon are in full force here in British Columbia, meaning autumn is upon us. A fall trip to BC offers an experience unlike any other season, with heightened grizzly bear sightings, ample bird-watching opportunities, and snow-peaked mountains Read More

Vancouver Island’s best attractions aren’t always obvious to tourists. Sure, you can grab a brochure upon arrival, but these typically push the businesses of stakeholders instead of offering unbiased advice. There are beautiful destinations on this island and more restaurants than you can possibly visit in one trip. A local’s perspective can guide you Read More

Before moving to BC, a friend told me about a summer he spent in Tofino. He wasn’t normally a sentimental guy, but talking about his time in the town made him swoon with nostalgia. He reminisced about Read More

Planning a trip to Vancouver, but unsure what to do? It’s a big city by Canadian standards (2.5 million in the greater Vancouver area), and there are plenty of ways to occupy your time there. But for a truly West Coast experience, consider adding the following five suggestions to your travel itinerary. Read More

One of this province’s best kept secrets is the BC rec site. While most provincial park campgrounds book up far in advance, recreational sites are the last minute camper’s best friend. These off-the-beaten-path campgrounds are Read More

So, you’re considering checking out Tofino’s ninth-best tourist attraction (according to TripAdvisor). The hot springs are definitely worth the trip, I mean, it’s a natural hot tub surrounded by coastal rain forest. But because they’re in a natural environment, there are some challenges that will Read More


I was sure glad to have properly prepared for my hike to Della Falls in Strathcona Provincial Park last summer. Friends and I knew that once we started hiking from the trail head, it would take four to seven hours Read More

Everyone should travel – at least once. I’m not saying you’ve got to climb Machu Picchu or backpack in Thailand, but there’s definitely something to be gained from exploring a new place – no matter where. Read More

Salmon have taught me the value of perseverance. It may sound ridiculous, but after seeing a salmon run last October, I started thinking about these fish differently. Read More

Millennials are a pretty special bunch. Their unique needs set them apart from previous generations, and meeting those needs should be part of any long-term marketing strategy. I’m not saying this because Read More