An Adrenaline Junkie’s Travel Itinerary

Traveling offers plenty of opportunities to get out of your comfort zone and push your limits. Lots of people do wild and crazy things while traveling that they probably wouldn’t do back home. If you enjoy the healthy dose of endorphins triggered from doing something scary, you may be interested in checking out my fear-facing world tour list.

1) Swimming in the “Devil’s Pool” in Zimbabwe
The biggest waterfall in the world is Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe. Boasting a massive 108-meter drop, Victoria Falls offers an incredible opportunity to look over the epic falls while in the water. During dryer months, the rock lip at the edge of the falls creates a barrier, enclosing a deep pool of water that you can swim in. Sit right up on the rock lip to take a seat in the “Devil’s Armchair” for an exhilarating view over the steep drop.

2) Flying an L-39 Fighter Jet in Florida
$2,399 will get you some theoretical lessons and a trip in an L-39 with a pilot-instructor in Tampa. If the loops, rolls, dives and steep climbs don’t freak you out, you’ll get the opportunity to channel your inner Top Gun and take control of the jet while it’s airborne.

3) Spending a night in a capsule hotel in Japan
Japanese capsule hotels redefine the word “cozy.” Their accommodations look more like morgues than the luxury suites advertised on their websites. Anyone with a hint of claustrophobia will be anxious sleeping in a compartment where you can hardly sit up straight. These sleeping arrangements are not recommended for foreigners, but if you think you can hack it, go ahead and book yourself a room at Capsule Inn Osaka.

4) Cage Diving with Great Whites in South Africa
I’ve been scuba diving all over the world and have seen a handful of sharks along the way, but I’ve never seen anything close to the 18-foot beasts that live off the coast of South Africa. The idea of getting up close and personal with these massive predators terrifies me, and rightly so. With a dislocating upper jaw and rows of serrated teeth, their mouths are perfectly designed to consume flesh.

5) Completing a snake-handling course in Australia
The land down under has its fair share of dangerous creatures, but Aussies have found ways to co-exist with them. They offer one-day courses on proper snake-handling techniques complete with an internationally-recognized certificate at the end. Who knew the art of snake whispering could be taught in a single day?

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